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Teaching and Learning Teams

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Reception Year

Hello and Welcome

Dear Parents and Visitors,

Welcome to the Reception classes! We would like to tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do. 

We have a fantastic team who really enjoy working with young children. We have the privilege of introducing your child to school life, and are always delighted to be part of their early learning experience. We build on the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum which the children begin in pre-school, teaching the children through play and child-initiated experiences.

During the Foundation stage children will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore ideas and interests in depth;
  • Learn through movement and all their senses;
  • Initiate activities that promote independence;
  • Learn in different ways and at different rates;
  • Make links in their learning;
  • Explore creative and imaginative play activities that promote the development and use of listening and language skills.

If you would like to learn more, please look at the Foundation years website. For any further questions about Early Years please email

The Reception team is made up of 2 classes:

Our Lady's Class with Mrs Barry, Mrs Ward and Miss Healy. 
St. Joseph's Class with Miss Squirrell, Mrs Warren and Miss Schtukervitch.

Our contact details:

Mrs Barry -
Mrs Ward - 
Miss Squirrell -


In autumn our first topic is Super Me! We will be learning about ourselves and all the super things our bodies can do; how we can develop our 'super powers' that help us to run, jump, smell etc; reading stories about super heroes; investigating and finding out answers to questions and thinking about our super families. 
Our second topic is Why do leaves go crispy? We learn about the way that animals and plants change and adapt to the seasons; about fruits and seeds that plants produce in autumn and harvest; about hibernation and the way animals and birds get ready for winter; and make observations about autumn colours.
Our third topic this term is Food and Festivals.
We examine names, tastes and describe different food; we make food such as bread and taste it; we learn about our senses; keeping our bodies healthy by eating a balanced diet; how we can grow our own food; about food from different countries; and what happens when we make changes to food by cooking, freezing, melting and mixing.
Finally in the last weeks we learn about advent and prepare for Christmas.
We have had two fantastic Forest School days with the staff from Woody Willows Forest School at the Scout Headquarters in Langley Green. We learned about making dens, collecting and matching leaves, and lighting a fire. We made conker necklaces and threaded leaves on to string.

In the Spring term the topics are Once Upon a Time and Space.
During our Space topic, the children will be learning about our Solar System and also looking at a variety of space themed books such as 'Whatever Next' and 'Aliens Love Underpants'. 
We held a Rocket Making morning for parents where we made lots of different sockets and spaceships. Have a look at some of the pictures of our models that have just been uploaded. 
We will be having an astronaut training day on Tuesday 4th April, where the children will be undertaking a variety of challenges to help prepare them for space travel, dressed in astronaut or sporty clothing.
We will then hold a 'Graduation' at 2:45pm where the children will be presented with a certificate to show they have completed their astronaut training. 

 Communication Language and Literacy
The children will listen to a range of stories and rhymes during carpet times. They will be involved in a variety of role-play activities to promote their language development and social skills. Activities that encourage your child to mark make, hold their pencil correctly and practice writing their names will be a specific focus. After the first few initial weeks we will begin the Jolly phonics work and your child will then bring home a sound book to help them to practice. Please read with your child regularly and encourage them to talk about the stories including characters and sequence of events.


The children will be involved in lots of number rhymes, songs and puzzles. They will be playing counting games and working out one more/less. The children will learn numerals up to 10. They will be looking at shapes in the environment and learn to use the names for common 2d shapes.

Our Timetable

The children have P.E every Monday. Please ensure that they have their full P.E kit in school on this day. Please ensure all belongings have names. Also for safety reasons, no earrings are to be worn during P.E.

We will be going outside throughout the year so please ensure your child has a coat and sensible shoes appropriate for the weather.


Please ensure that you are reading with the children every day and reference this in their contact book. This can include reading to your child, reading library books and home story reading as well as their oxford reading book. Some times we will send home a task for the holiday or weekend.
Our Lady's class have a soft toy to look after at home for the weekend and write about this in their diary. 



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shrove tuesday sheet

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World Book Day page

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